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Joyce Bookstore claims to be the largest bookstore in the world; and indeed browsing their awesome inventory lends support to this claim. As an Associate, I have provided this page to serve as a mirror of their catalog for Joyce and Joyce-related titles. Clicking on a book will take you out of the Libyrinth and to, where you may read a brief description of that work -- there is no obligation to buy. You may either return to The Brazen Head or shop around at If you purchase a book, it will be shipped to your home usually within a week.
Most of the books available are discounted through, and I must confess that I get paid a small fee for every book ordered -- little tips that help me keep the floors swept. In any event, enjoy your browsing, and feel free to email me if you have any questions. For some of the titles I have inlcuded small descriptions; however, if these are in "quotes" I am merely extracting from the publisher's blurb.
On this page I feature new and forthcoming books; but most of the collection has been filed according to four main categories:

Catalog of works by James Joyce -- Poems, novels, dramas, and collections.

Catalog of works about Joyce -- Biographies, criticisms, annotations, and guides. Also inlcudes fiction that stars Joyce as a character.

Multimedia -- Books on tape, lectures, and films.

Rarities -- Rare, out of stock, and out-of-print books about Joyce.

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What's New?
The following titles are newly available, and have yet to be added to the above catalogs:

New: The Dublin Helix (The Florida James Joyce Series)
By Sebastian D. G. Knowles / Hardcover
Our Price: $55.00
The Dublin Helix is a puzzle book, taking as its method James Joyce's own playful manipulations of language and matching them with entertaining word searches, acrostics, and other enigmas. Knowles finds ways into Ulysses that have never before been imagined, from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to the structure for genetic material. Each chapter presents a puzzle, and each solution completes a little more of the picture of the vital language of the modern classic.

New: James Joyce
Frank Startup/ Paperback
Our Price:$11.99

New: Joyce, Dante, and the Poetics of Literary Relations : Language and Meaning in Finnegans Wake
Lucia Boldrini / Hardcover
Price: $54.95

Joyce Beyond Marx (The Florida James Joyce Series)
By Patrick McGee, Zack Bowen /Hardcover
Our Price: $55.00
Joyce Beyond Marx brings together 11 essays and a new introduction by internationally respected Joyce scholar Patrick McGee. While a number of the pieces have been previously published, McGee has extensively revised them, integrated them with substantial new material, and produced a unified collection that examines the experimental fictions of James Joyce, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, from the perspective of cultural materialism.

James Joyce: A Passionate Exile
by John McCourt / Hardcover / March 2001
Our Price:$18:36

Ulysses and the Metamorphosis of Stephen Dedalus
Margaret McBride / Hardcover / February 2001
Our Price:$39.50

Joyce and the Two Irelands (Literary Modernism Series; Thomas F. Staley, Editor)
Willard Potts / Hardcover
Our Price:$39.95
From the publisher:
"This book fully explores James Joyce's complex response to the Irish Revival and his extensive treatment of the relationship between the "two Irelands" in his letters, essays, book reviews, and fiction up to Finnegans Wake. Willard Potts skillfully demonstrates that, despite his pretense of being an aloof onlooker, Joyce was very much a part of the Revival. He shows how deeply Joyce was steeped in his whole Catholic culture and how, regardless of the harsh way he treats the Catholic characters in his works, he almost always portrays them as superior to any Protestants with whom they appear. This research recovers the historical and cultural roots of a writer who is too often studied in isolation from the Irish world that formed him.

Recent Criticism of James Joyce's Ulysses (Studies in English and American Literature, Linguistics, and Culture)
Michael Patrick Gillespie, Paula Gillespie / Hardcover
Our Price:$55.00

Voices and Values in Joyce's Ulysses (The Florida James Joyce)
Weldon Thornton / Hardcover
Our Price:$49.95

Conversations with James Joyce
Arthur Power, James Norris, Clive Hart; ed. / Paperback
Our Price: $17.95

Ulysses (1967) ~ DVD
Our Price: $20.99 ~ You Save: $9.00 (30%)
Usually ships in 24 hours

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (1979) ~ DVD
Our Price: $20.99 ~ You Save: $9.00 (30%)
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

Joyce and Hagiography: Saints Above (The Florida James Joyce)
by R. J. Schork & Zack Bowen / Hardcover
Our Price:$49.95

Joyce's Comic Portrait (The Florida James Joyce)
Roy K. Gottfried / Hardcover / August 2000
Our Price:$49.95
From the publisher:
"In the first book-length study of the comedic in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Roy Gottfried argues that, far from being a solemn work, Joyce's early masterpiece is covertly but determinedly comic. Specifically, he looks at the Portrait's narrative structure, the protagonist Stephen's conscious disavowal of humor, and Joyce's comic use of word-play, vulgarity, and gendered language to establish the work's doubled nature. Gottfried also looks at Joyce's early theorizing about the comic, the development of his prose style across time, and the comedic inflence of popular culture on Portrait. Challenging long-held assumptions in Joyce scholarship, Joyce's Comic Portrait is an original and lively contribution of interest to students and scholars alike."

Joycean Frames: Film and the Fiction of James Joyce (Making the Classics

Thomas Burkdal / Hardcover
Our Price: $55.00 (November 2000)

The Years in Bloom: James Joyce in Trieste, 1904-1920
John McCourt / Hardcover / Published 2000
Our Price: $20.06
You may read a review here.

Semicolonial Joyce
Derek Attridge(Editor), Marjorie Elizabeth Howes (Editor) / Paperback / August 2000
Our Price: $19.95

Semicolonial Joyce
Derek Attridge(Editor), Marjorie Elizabeth Howes (Editor) / Hardcover / August 2000
Our Price: $54.95
From the publisher:
"James Joyce's fiction constantly engages with an Ireland whose present and past is marked by the long struggle to achieve full independence from England. Semicolonial Joyce is the firts collection of essays to address the importance of Ireland's colonial situation in understanding Joyce's work. The volume brings together leading commentators from Ireland, Britain, and the United States, presenting a range of voices rather than a single position on a topic which has had a major impact on Joyce criticism in recent years. Contributors explore Joyce's ambivalent and shifting response to Irish nationalism and reconsider his writing in the context of the history of Western colonialism. The essays both draw on and question the achievements of postcolonial theory, and provide fresh insights into Joyce's resourceful engagement with political issues that remain highly topical today. This books represenrts a major contribution to Joycean and postcolonial studies."

Gestural Politics: Stereotype and Parody in Joyce
Christy L. Burns / Hardcover / 2000
Our Price: $59.50

Gestural Politics: Stereotype and Parody in Joyce
Christy L. Burns / Paperback / 2000
Our Price: $19.95
Derek Attridge:
"Burns skillfully weaves together an ambitious volume that, instead of following a simple chronological path through Joyce's work, deals in turn with a number of important topics: gesture, femininity, homosexuality, and nationalism, ending with an essay on language and typography in Finnegans Wake. All of these topics have been much discussed in Joyce studies, and it is a tribute to Burns's originality that she has new light to cast on all of them. Her attention to the humor of Joyces work is also to be applauded."

James Joyce and Modernism: Beyond Dublin (Studies in Irish Literature)
Morton P. Levitt / Hardcover / May 2000
Our Price: $89.95

Reading on the Edge: Exiles, Modernities, and Cultural Transformation in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin
Cyraina E. Johnson-Roullier / Paperback / Published May 2000
Our Price: $19.95

A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man: Readings on (The Greenhaven Press Literary Companion to British Literature)
by Clarice Swisher(Editor). Published 2000
Our Price:$27.45

Dubliners [UNABRIDGED] (Harper Audio)
James Joyce / Audio Cassette / Published 2000
Our Price: $29.71
Read by Frank McCourt, Stephen Rea, Colm Meaney & others.

Joyce Effects: Transforming Language, History, and Theory
Derek Attridge / Hardcover / Published 2000
Our Price: $59.85

Joyce Effects: Transforming Language, History, and Theory
Derek Attridge / Paperback / Published 2000
Our Price: $19.95
From the publisher:
"Joyce Effects is a series of connected essays by one of today's leading commentators on James Joyce. Joyce's books, Derek Attridge argues, go off like fireworks, and one of this book's aims is to enhance the reader's enjoyment of these special effects. He also examines another sort of effect: the way Joyce's writing challenges and transforms our understanding of language, theory, and history. Attridge's exploration of these transforming effects represents fifteen years of close engagement with Joyce, and reflects the changing course of Joyce criticism during this period. Each of Joyce's four major books is addressed in depth, while several shorter chapters take up particular theoretical topics such as character, chance and coincidence, historical representation, and narrative as they are staged and scrutinized in Joyce's writing. Through lively and accessible discussion, this book advances a mode of reading open to both the pleasures and the surprises of the literary work."

Finding Joy in Joyce: A Reader's Guide to Ulysses
John Anderson / Paperback / Published 2000
Our Price: $48.00
From the publisher:
"The guide provides episode by episode an in depth explanation of the action and symbolism, including a description of the related books of Homer's Odyssey and the correspondences. This guide is designed to give the user the keys to the kingdom of one of the wonders of Western civilization. The non-academic author, a retired lawyer and life long Joyce reader, brings new approaches to find the deep meaning of each of Joyce's episodes and the novel as a whole. The scope of this effort, the complete Joyce, is unique in an area monopolized by more narrowly focused academics."

Ulysses, Capitalism, and Colonialism: Reading Joyce After the Cold War (Contributions to the Study of World Literature, 98)
M. Keith Booker / Hardcover / Published 2000
Our Price: $55.00
"This volume offers a careful reading of Joyce within the context of recent developments in postcolonial theory. Booker shows that Joyce's work provides critiques of capitalism and colonialism that have much in common with the works of more recent African and Caribbean writers. However, Joyce remains a fundamentally European writer whose work differs substantially from that of most postcolonial writers from Africa and the Caribbean. In pursuing these readings, Booker also pays careful attention to the cultural politics of Joyce criticism, arguing that ideological considerations arising primarily from the Cold War have, until now, strongly distorted readings of Joyce from all political perspectives."

James Joyce: A Penguin Life (Penguin Lives)
Edna O'Brien, Edna Obrien / Hardcover; Our Price: $19.95
"With all the earthy sensuality and majestic storytelling that have made her one of Ireland's preeminent writers, award-winning novelist Edna O'Brien paints the most passionate, personal, and sensuous portrait of her fellow countryman yet written. James Joyce is a return journey to the land of politics, history, and the saints and scholars that shaped this creator of the twentieth century's most groundbreaking novel, Ulysses."
Chaos Theory and James Joyce's Everyman (The Florida James Joyce Series)
Peter Francis MacKey, Zack Bowen (Editor) / Hardcover; Our Price: $49.95.
From the author: "This book immerses itself directly in the continuing debate among scientists and humanists by applying a scientific model with special thoroughness to a profoundly important novel, James Joyce's ULYSSES. The introduction sets the stage by examining prevailing models of experience: classical science's machine model (including challenges posed by quantum theory), the postmodern language model, and the chaos science model, contending, finally, that chaos theory offers the most effective model of daily human experience. This model is then applied to James Joyce's ULYSSES, especially the character, consciousness, and behavior of the protagonist Leopold Bloom."

Coming Soon
The following titles will be published in the near future, and may be advance-ordered here.

Ulysses (Penguin)
James Joyce / Audio Cassette / Published 1998
Our Price: $24.95 (October 2000 -- Overdue)

Ulysses (Signet Paperback)
James Joyce / Paperback
Our Price: $6.36 ~ You Save: $1.59 (20%) (April 2001)

New: Dubliners (Dover Large Print Classics)
James Joyce / Paperback
Our Price: $8.95 -- You Save: $1.00 (10%) (May 2001)

New: Dubliners (G K Hall Large Print Perennial Bestseller Collection)
James Joyce / Hardcover
Our Price: $27.95 (May 2001)

Chamber Music & Pomes Penyeach: Poems
James Joyce / Hardcover / Published 2001
Our Price: $7.95 (July 2001)

James Joyce and the Politics of Egoism
y Jean-Michel Rabate / Paperback (September 2001)

James Joyce and the Politics of Egoism
By Jean-Michel Rabate / Hardcover (September 2001)

Special Features
A few recent titles that I thought were particularly interesting.

Ulysses : A Facsimile of the First Edition Published in Paris in 1922; James Joyce / Hardcover / Published 1998; $75.00.
This is a replica of the original Ulysses, and it is being offered as a limited edition. An oversized book with a blue cover, it comes with a very nice box.

On Ibsen (Green Integer Books)
James Joyce, Dennis Phillips (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1999
Our Price: $7.16 ~ You Save: $1.79 (20%)
This volume collects both essays Joyce wrote about the great Norwegian playwright.

John Huston and the Dubliners; Video VHS Cassette; Huston, Mccann; $25.49
"This documentary features the late John Huston directing his daughter, Angelica, in what was to be his last film, an adaptation of James Joyce's "The Dead" from the story collection Dubliners.

John Stanislaus Joyce: The Voluminous Life and Genius of James Joyce's Father
John Wyse Jackson, Peter Costello / Hardcover / Published 1998
Our Price: $24.50 ~ You Save: $10.50 (30%)
This book is a comprehensive biography of Joyce's father, who was often fictionalized as "Simon Dedalus" in his works. You can read a review of this book at the Herald Tribune Web site.
Talking of Joyce; Umberto Eco, Liberato Santoro-Brienza; Umberto Eco, J.C.C. Mays. Paperback; $13.95

--A. Ruch
30 May 2001

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