bl,.m (2003)

Directed by Sean Walsh
Screenplay by Sean Walsh


Stephen Rea . . . Leopold Bloom
Angela Ball . . . Molly Bloom
Hugh O'Conor . . . Stephen Dedalus

A new cinematic version of Ulysses, bl,.m was shot in Ireland on a budget rather larger than normal for "Joycean" films. Featuring Stephen Rea as Leopold Bloom, bl,.m was first shown at a private screening at Cannes in 2003, and had its world premiere at the Taormina BNL Film Festival in Sicily on June 13, 2003.

The Brazen Head will review this film as soon as it is screened in New York. Until then, Senator David Norris has written:

"Sean Walsh's version of Ulysses is a triumphant reinterpretation of James Joyce's masterpiece. It is not the usual filming of actors mouthing Joyce's words, instead Walsh and his talented team approach Joyce using the visual vocabulary of the cinema in a manner I have no doubt Joyce himself would have approved. The film is brilliant, witty, innovative and imaginatively faithful to Joyce's work. Stephen Rea provides a masterly and brilliant evocation of Bloom managing to convey at the same time his Irishness, his Jewishness, his cosmopolitanism and his humanity while Angeline Ball is quite the best of all the myriad of Molly Blooms that I have seen."

Where to See It?
We will post screening dates of the film as they appear.

Additional Information

Official bl,.m Film Site -- This evolving page is the film's official Web site, and contains some wonderful production sketches, credits, news links, and a handsome trailer.

Director threatens action over new Ulysses film -- 19 June 2001, Irish Times. New film under threat by Joyce estate and director Joseph Strick. (Registration required.)

Ulysses Film Blooms a "Masterpiece" -- 9 July 03, Irish Examiner. An article about bl,.m and its premiere at the galway Film Fleadh.

Rea and Bloom Comparison -- Jorn Barger compares Stephen Rea to Leopold Bloom.

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--Allen B. Ruch
17 July 2003

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