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Portrait of the Daughter – 8 March 04, Newsweek. Tara Pepper on Lucia Joyce and Calico.

Roddy Doyle on Ulysses – 10 Feb 04, The Guardian. Doyle’s controversial Joyce comments.

Portrait of the Artist’s Troubled Daughter – 22 November 03, NYT. An article about Carol Shloss, Lucia Joyce, and the Joyce estate.

Film, Music & Art

Bloomsday Cabaret
Documentary maker Rosemary House has completed Bloomsday Cabaret, a film exploring Joyce and his love of music. The official homepage contains details, production information, and sound samples.

Joycean Events

10th Trieste Joyce School

June 25–July 1, 2006
University of Trieste


“I cannot begin to give you the flavour of the old Austrian Empire. It was a ramshackle affair but it was charming, gay, and I experienced more kindnesses in Trieste than ever before or since in my life.”

The tenth edition of the Trieste Joyce School will take place from 25 June to 1 July 2006. Following the tradition established in previous years, this year's school hopes to satisfy the needs both of seasoned Joyceans and of newcomers to the world of Joyce studies. The School draws inspiration from Trieste itself—its history, its culture, its architecture, its institutions—and leaves participants with a sense of why Joyce came to describe the city as his “second country.”

Director: Renzo S. Crivelli
Vice Director: John McCourt

Speakers include:

Eric Bulson, Columbia University,
Brian Caraher, Queen's University Belfast,
Claudia Corti, University of Florence,
Luca Crispi, National Library of Ireland,
Renzo S. Crivelli, University of Trieste,
Ron Ewart, Zurich James Joyce Foundation,
Kalina Filipova, University of Sofia,
Marta Goldmann, Berzseny Daniel College, Szombathely,
Irene Grubica, University of Rijeka,
Stacey Herbert, National Library of Ireland,
John McCourt, Trieste Joyce School,
Margot Norris, University of California,
Cormac O'Grada, University College Dublin,
Jean-Michel Rabaté, Princeton University,
Franca Ruggieri, Università di Roma, Tre,
Erik Schneider, James Joyce Museum,Trieste,
Fritz Senn, Zurich James Joyce Foundation,
Dirk Von Hulle, JamesJoyceCentre, University of Antwerp.

SPECIAL GUEST WRITER to be announced

For further information email: mccourt@units.it

Accommodation from 30 Euro per night

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–Allen B. Ruch
27 April 2006

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