Roger Reynolds

Voicespace III, "Eclipse"

Roger Reynolds (b. 1934)
An American composer with a degree in engineering physics, Reynolds is a very eclectic and experimental artist whose work explores the boundaries of space, perception, and technology. Musically influenced by the American Experimentalists and the Second Viennese School, many of his works are built around texts dervied from mythology and postmodern literature, and his impressive catalog covers a wide range of musical territory from string quartets to multimedia productions involving computers, video, dance and theater. Among numerous other awards and commissions, he won the 1989 Pulitzer Prize for his Whispers Out of Time for string orchestra. Watershed, a "pathbreaking exploration of the new DVD medium," was released by Mode Records in January of 1999 and features his music. He is currently professor of music at the University of California at San Diego.
A student of Ross Lee Finney and a friend to the late Toru Takemitsu, it would ony seem natural that Reynolds weigh in here with a Joyce-related composition; although he notes that of all modernist and postmodern authors, "Joyce (while evidently of interest) is the one whose words I have employed least, perhaps precisely because so many others have focused on him." Beckett, Borges, Kundera and García Márquez also figure highly in his work.
You may read a more detailed biography of Roger Reynolds here.


Voicespace III, "Eclipse" -- (1979). For voice and tape, with texts by Joyce, Borges, García Márquez, Issa, Melville, and Stevens.

(All these will be developed under Apmonia, the Libyrinth's forthcoming Beckett site.)

Ping -- (1968). A multimedia piece for flute, piano, percussion, 35mm slide projections, 16mm film, quadraphonic electroacoustic sound, and live electronic processing; text based on the Samuel Beckett short story.

Voicespace II, "A Merciful Coincidence" -- (1976). Music theater for three vocalists and electroacoustic sound. Text from Beckett's novel Watt.

Odyssey -- (1989-1993). For mezzo-soprano, bass-baritone, chamber ensemble, 8 channels of computer processed sound, and lighting effects; text by Beckett.

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Note: Bronze by Gold would like to thank Roger and Karen Reynolds for kindly providing much of the information and images used on these pages.

Bronze by Gold offers a more comprehensive Reynolds biography here.

Roger Reynolds has a very nice Homepage maintained by his wife, Karen Reynolds.

You may purchase Reynolds CDs online from Lovely Music CDs. They maintain a Reynolds Page with a small bio.

Mode Records features Watershed, a DVD that contains Eclipse, on their News page. You can purchase Watershed directly from below:

Watershed 4/Eclipse/Red Act Arias ~ DVD
R. Reynolds

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