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Pynchonian Online Communities
The following are to Thomas Pynchon related mailing lists, clubs, & reading groups avaliable to users of the Internet.

Mailing Lists

Pynchon-L -- The Pynchon Mailing List

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"But our beauty lies . . . in this extended capacity for convolution"

The Pynchon-L is a high-volume mailing list dedicated to the discussion of Pynchon and his works. It is a fairly serious and academic List, with many devoted people and some unusual personalities. In fact, the Pynchon-L has a reputation as being quite a challenging List, and it was even the subject of a book -- Jules Siegel's infamous Lineland. Newbies are welcome, but I'd advise lurking for a while to get the feel for the List etiquette before joining in. The Pynchon-L is now conducting simultaneous group readings of Vineland and Nabokov's Pale Fire.

The Thomas Pynchon eGroup

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A fairly new mailing list, "This list is for anyone interested in the writings, life and any subjects peripheral to Thomas R. Pynchon."


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Moderated & Founded by Allen B. Ruch

Created and maintained by The Modern Word, this list is open to all enthusiasts of experimental twentieth century literature. Pynchon is frequently discussed.


Google's alt.books.thomas-pynchon

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Taking their name from Pynchon, Tristero is an interactive artistic community/project: "Sick of junk e-mails clogging-up your inbox? Ever wanted a digital waste-disposal facility that offers more than an 'unsubscribe' tag-line? Tristero invites you to send your least-wanted image, text, sound, and video files for creative re-cycling by a series of online artists-in-residence. By subscribing, you could provide the raw material for this series of online artworks."

--Allen B. Ruch
17 July 2003

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