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Temporary Note

Philip K. Dick

Bibliography (Ordered by writing date)

Short Story Collections

A Handful of Darkness (w. 1952-1954, p. 1955)

The Book of Philip K. Dick (w. 1952-1955, p. 1973)

The Variable Man and Other Stories (w. 1952-55, p. 1957)

Dr. Futurity (w. 1953-59, p. 1954)

The Preserving Machine (w. 1953-66, p. 1969)

The Best of Philip K. Dick (w. 1952-1973, p. 1977)

The Golden Man (w. 1952-1973, p. 1980)

I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon (w. 1953-1980, p. 1985)


Return to Lilliput (w. 1941)

The Earthshaker (w. 1948)

Gather Yourself Together (w. 1949)

Voices From The Street (w. 1952)

Solar Lottery (w. 1953, p. 1955)

The Cosmic Puppets (w. 1953, p. 1957)

Mary and the Giant (w. 1953, p. 1987)

Vulcan's Hammer (w. 1953-54, p. 1960)

The World Jones Made (w. 1954, p. 1956)

Eye In The Sky (w. 1955, p. 1957)

The Man Who Japed (w. 1955, p. 1956)

A Time For George Stavros (w. 1955)

Pilgrim on the Hill (w. 1956)

The Broken Bubble of Thisbe Holt (w. 1956, p. 1988)

Puttering About In Small Land (w. 1957, p. 1985)

Nicholas and the Higs (w. 1957)

Time Out of Joint (w. 1958, p. 1959)

In Milton Lumky Territory (w. 1958, p. 1985)

Confessions of a Crap Artist (w. 1959, p. 1975)

The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike (w. 1960, p. 1984)

Humpty Dumpty In Oakland (w. 1960, p. 1987)

The Man In The High Castle (w. 1961, p. 1962)

We Can Build You (w. 1962, p. 1969)

Martian Time-Slip (w. 1962-63, p. 1964)

Dr. Bloodmoney (w. 1963, p. 1965)

The Game-Players of Titan (w. 1963, p. 1963)

The Simulacra (w. 1963, p. 1964)

Clans of the Alphan Moon (w. 1963-64, p. 1964)

The Crack in Space (w. 1963-1964, p. 1966)

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (w. 1964, p. 1965)

The Zap Gun (w. 1964, p. 1967)

The Penultimate Truth (w. 1964, p. 1964)

Now Wait For Last Year (w. 1963-65, p. 1966)

Counter-Clock World (w. 1965, p. 1967)

The Unteleported Man (w. 1964-1965, p. 1966)

The Ganymede Takeover (with Ray Nelson, w. 1964-1966, p. 1967)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (w. 1966, p. 1968)

The Glimmung of Plowman's Planet (w. 1966, p. 1988)

Ubik (w. 1966, p. 1969)

Galactic Pot-Healer (w. 1967-1968, p. 1969)

A Maze of Death (w. 1968, p. 1970)

Our Friends From Frolix 8 (w. 1968-1969, p. 1970)

The Dark Haired Girl (w. 1972, p. 1988)

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (w. 1970-1973, p. 1974)

A Scanner Darkly (w. 1973-1975, p. 1977)

Deus Irae (with Roger Zelazny, w. 1964-1975, p. 1976)

Radio Free Albemuth (w. 1976, p. 1985)

VALIS (w. 1978, p. 1981)

The Divine Invasion (w. 1980, p. 1981)

The Transmigration of Timothy Archer (w. 1981, p. 1982)

The Owl in Daylight (unfinished)

--Adapted from Divine Invasions, by Lawrence Sutin; Harmony Books, 1989

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