Illustration by Al Hirschfeld

Waiting for Godot
1961, 102 minutes, B&W

Directed by Alan Schneider

Vladimir: Burgess Meredith
Estragon: Zero Mostel
Pozzo: Kurt Kasznar
Lucky: Alvin Epstein
Boy: Luke Halpin
Presenter: Milo O'Shea

Directed by Alan Schneider and starring Burgess Meredith and Zero Mostel, this is a recording of the 1961 Waiting for Godot. Foxrock provides the following commentary:

A key work in modern theater and acknowledged throughout the world as a classic, Samuel Beckett's most famous play is shown here in a definitive film version starring Zero Mostel and Burgess Meredith as the two remarkable tramps, Vladimir and Estragon. They wait for the perhaps mythical personage, Godot, and through their suffering, patience and often hilarious wit, transcend themselves to become a portrait of the suffering of mankind itself. This Waiting for Godot is a remarkable performance of one of the most important plays of the twentieth century. With an introduction by Barney Rosset.

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Waiting for Godot
Foxrock Video, VHS, $49.95

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--Allen B. Ruch
6 March 2003

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