Profile of a Writer, Vol. 7: Jorge Luis Borges


RM Arts/Home Vision, 1993; VHS $19.95. [Browse/Purchase]

Comments by “E”:
Mostly in English. Has interviews of Borges in his eighties, shots of the apartment, shots of him in the Recoleta, reciting Anglo Saxon verse, and walking BA streets with Kodama. Not a linear presentation, which is appropriate.
This profile also includes very brief dramatizations of several of his stories: “Funes the Memorious,” “The Circular Ruins,” “The South,” “Death and the Compass,” “The Encounter,” and (I believe) one of his early detective collaborations with Bioy-Casares. Nice work with images. Actors do lines in Spanish, but there is a voice-over in English. If you’ve read the stories, it’s quite fun, even if you’re not adept at Spanish. Gives a wonderful view of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking Borges (he plays “Old Borges” in a brief scene from “The Other” along with an young actor playing Young Borges). There is also a brief moment where a spectacled child actor speaks to him in Spanish before appearing in “The Encounter.”

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–Allen B. Ruch
25 March 2004