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Kevin Kelly

From: Kip Rood,

In his book Out of Control, Kevin Kelly, Executive Editor of Wired, has a chapter entitled "In the Library of Form." The chapter draws from Borges's ideas, and uses them to explore new concepts of evolution. In the chapter, Kelly develops a structured and coherent Method for navigating within Borges' Library. He then compares his evolving system of navigation, with how one can similarly construct coherent forms and structures within the infinite world of computers. It's damn interesting. He makes quite a few refereces to the computer generated imagery of Karl Sims, who, if you haven't seen his work, you can check out in the October '96 issue of Discover Magazine. (Kelly's book unfortunately has no illustrations.)
Further discussion of Sims is made in Steven Levy's book, Artificial
. If you're interested in the ideas of Borges, Artificial Life makes a damn fine read. It doesn't explicitly draw from Borges, as Kelly's book does, but in that "manic-structuralist vein," it sets right into the flow of things.

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Long Now Foundation Page -- A small biography from the Long Now Foundation, where Kevin Kelly sits on the Board of Directors. This site contains the picture I used above.

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Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World
by Kevin Kelly. Paperback (May 1995)
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