Borges: Influence and References

John Rozum

From: Jon Booth,

Hi. I was just going through your site, calmly enjoying your Borges Pages until I came across your "artists influenced by JLB" page. So I'm reading along and first I see Marquez, ho-hum; then Eco, no surprise there; then Gibson, hmmm... interesting; then- MORRISON!- GRANT FUCKING MORRISON! I couldn't believe it. . . .
Also a very Doom Patrol like comic that was an immensely enjoyable experience for me while it lasted was John Rozum's XOMBI, which was published by DC's Milestone imprint. If you've never seen it I highly reccomend hunting down back issues. It was a very literate comic that contained many Borges references, right down to its exploration of immortality, and even hosted a cameo by Thomas Pynchon in one of the final issues.

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