Borges: Influence and References

Veitch, Rick: Swamp Thing, Issue 62

A comic that acheived greatness before entering a long decline to a dismal finale, Swamp Thing 62 was one of the transitional issues between the gothic glory of the Alan Moore days and the psychedelic Rick Veitch period. The Borges reference is tiny and easy to overlook, but in the spirit of anal retention I will present it anyway. The protagonist, an earth elemental named, unfortunately, Swamp Thing, is granted a glimpse of all of infinity within a moment, an act which vastens his mind but almost sends him insane. A few pages of color panels depict some of the things he sees, from the creation of the universe to the death of a microbe. One of those panels shows a man typing, with the caption: "In a garret in Buenos Aires, I sat typing with a genius, blind twenty years," an obvious reference to Borges. (Who in more than a few stories has a protagonist gain a similar glimpse of infinity; most notably "The Aleph.")

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