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Online Papers & Articles about Borges and his Work
These links are all to various papers, essays, and articles written about Borges and his work and placed online for general perusal.
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Borges: An Exploration of the Infinite
Agrawal, Abhishek
An exploration of Borges’ metaphysical conflict with the concept of infinity and a discussion of novel narrative techniques employed to effectively convey the depth of this conflict. (PDF. Spanish only)

The Queer Use of Communal Women in Borges’ “El muerto” and “La intrusa”
Brant , Herbert J.
This paper resides at the University of Texas, and was written by Herbert J. Brant of the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

”I do not know which of us has written this page” (Borges): the confusion of proper nouns in the tale of Emma[nuel] Zunz.
Bushi, Ruth
Online at the author’s homepage, this essay examines the Freudian relationships between Emma and her father, a deliberate confusion which undermines the apparent simplicity of Borges tale.

Borges and The Name of the Rose
Ketzan, Erik
This essay, which resides both here and on Porta Ludovica, traces the influence of Borges upon Eco’s first novel.

Fact or Fiction? Historical Narratives in Borges
McGrath, Timothy
This essay discusses the blurring of historical and religious truth
in storytelling.

Searching for Cyberspace: Joyce, Borges and Pynchon
O’Dwyer, Davin
An examination of how the Internet is anticipated or prefigured in the works of James Joyce, J. L. Borges, and Thomas Pynchon. Online here at The Modern Word.

Borges and the Art of Mourning
Ogden, Thomas H..
This paper uses “Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote” and “Borges and I” to discuss the way an artists trransforms mourning into art. It is available as a PDF file on the Catch-Word site.

Melville and Borges: Queequeg and the Jaguar
Rollason, Chris.
This paper discusses the meanings of the patterns on Borges’s jaguar from “The God’s Script” and the tatoos on Queequeg from Moby Dick.

Literature as History: José Saramago’s O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis
Rollason, Chris.
While not specifically about Borges, this paper, which discusses the intertextuality of Saramago’s homage to Pessoa, involves Borges and highlights Saramago’s use of Herbert Quain.

Borges’ “Library of Babel” and the Internet
Rollason, Chris.
This paper compares and contrasts the Web with Borges’ eternal Library, and is in part a refutation of similar comments made by Ignacio Ramonet.

“Emma Zunz” as Endgame
Roos, Céline
This hypothesis postulates that the story “Emma Zunz” is structured around symbolism and metaphors derived from the game of chess.

The Circular Ruins
Schaffer, Barbara Joan.
This paper discusses some universal truths found in the Borges story “The Circular Ruins.”

Aleph, Beatriz, Carlos Argentino
Schaffer, Barbara Joan.
An essay on Borges the writer, as revealed in “El Aleph.”

Borges: The Blind Visionary
Smaragdis, Joyce.
This paper explores Borges’ notions of knowledge, death, and religion from a Modernist perspective.

“The World Will Be Tlön”: Mapping the Fantastic onto the Virtual
Tofts, Darren
Online at PMC, this spirited essay looks at the postmodern blurring between reality and representation, and the relationship between fantasy and virtual reality.

A Study in the Imagination and Memory of Consciousness
Willenberg , Paul M.
This paper resides on the author’s “Garden of Jorge Luis Borges” Web site, and explores memory as depicted in the works of Camus and Borges.

Borgesian Illuminations in Gabriel García Márquez’s Handsomest Drowned Man
Willenberg , Paul M.
This paper resides on the author’s “Garden of Jorge Luis Borges” Web site.

Borgesian Illuminations in Isable Allende’s “Eva Luna”
Willenberg , Paul M.
This paper resides on the author’s “Garden of Jorge Luis Borges” Web site.

10 Books in the Library of Babel
Willenberg , Paul M.
This paper resides on the author’s “Garden of Jorge Luis Borges” Web site.

The Visualizing Capacity of Magical Realism: Objects and Expression in the Work of Jorge Luis Borges
Zamora, Lois Parkinson
From the Fall 2002 Janus Head. Zamora examines the origins of Roh’s term “magical realism” in the visual arts, and explores how authors such as Borges use “figurative” language to describe their fictional worlds. (This paper is a downloadable PDF available from Janus Head.)

Other Online Collections
There are a few other sites around the Internet that collect Borges papers, many which focus on a special interest. While most of these Web sites may be accessed through The Garden’s “Links” page, they are included some here for easy reference.

The Borges Centre – Dozens of additional Borges-related papers are online at the Journal’s homepage, which holds an index to thier journal, Variaciones Borges.

Questia – Dozens of Borges-related papers and book excerpts available for a fee.

–Allen B. Ruch
10 October 2006

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