Roger Reynolds'

A setting of the poem "Compass" from El otro, el mismo (The Self and the Other). This work has not been commercially recorded; and the following information has been taken directly from Roger Reynold's Web site.

Compass (1972-73) 30'
Tenor, Bass, Vc, Db, Quadraphonic electroacoustic sound,
35mm slide projections
Text on the poem by Jorge Luis Borges
First performance: 7 March 1974
Theatre Vanguard, Los Angeles
Howard Crook, Tenor, Philip Larson, Bass,
Peter Farrell, Cello, Bertram Turetzky, Double Bass
Commissioned by the Judith S. Stark Foundation



Every single thing becomes a word
in a language that Someone or Something, night and day,
writes down in a never-ending scribble,
which is the hiostory of the world, embracing

Rome, Carrthage, you, me, everyone,
my life, which I do not understand, this anguish
of being enigma, accident, and puzzle,
and all the discordant languages of Babel.

Behind each name lies that which has no name.
Today I felt its nameless shadow tremble
in the blue clarity of the compass needle,

whose rule extends as far as the far seas,
something like a clock glimpsed in a dream
or a bird that stirs suddenly in its sleep.

--Jorges Luis Borges
(Translated by Alastair Reid)

Other Borges-related Works by Reynolds

Voicespace III, "Eclipse" -- (1979). For voice and tape, with texts by Borges, Joyce, García Márquez, Issa, Melville, and Stevens.

Voicespace IV, "The Palace" -- (1980). For voice and pre-recorded materials; a "setting" of the poem "The Palace" from El oro de los tigres.


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