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Jorge Luis Borges: The Complete Works
Jorge Luis Borges has probably written about more imaginary books than he’s written actual books, and yet his collections of stories and essays have had a lasting and profound effect on modern literature, impacting on a field of writing that ranges from Latin American fiction to the fantasy genre, and influencing a collection of authors that includes such luminaries as Umberto Eco, Carlos Fuentes, Thomas Pynchon, and Paul Auster. A master of the short story genre, Borges has never written a novel, and his actual fictional output easily fits into a moderately sized hardcover edition – and yet so does the Torah, those pesky five books that form the written roots of some of the major Western religions. Not a writer of characters and emotions, Borges is at home in a universe of philosophy, speculation, and Big Ideas, and the sheer density of his thought cannot be measured by the length of his stories. Borges says more in five pages than most writers could put forth in a trilogy, dazzling the imagination with explorations of time, space, language, identity; and even the very nature of reading and writing itself.
The following pages contain commentary on all of Borges’ published works which have been translated into English, and some notes concerning a few which have not. Because the experienced Borges enthusiast already knows of all these books, and undoubtedly has their own views and opinions, I have designed this section as an aid to those just beginning to explore the literary labyrinths of this Argentine genius.
I have broken the Borges Works area into six sections: “Fictions and Artifices,” “Nonfiction,” “Poetry,” “Collaborations,” “Interviews,” and “Bibliography.” If you have any question about where a particular book has been located, check the Quick reference Card.

The “Borges Works” Pages

Fictions and Artifices – Short stories; the core Borges works.

Nonfiction – Collections of essays and lectures.

Poetry – Brief notes for Borges’ poetical works.

Collaborations – Works of fiction and nonfiction created in collaboration with others.

Interviews – Collections of interviews or conversations.

Bibliography – A list of Borges’ short stories with their original titles and publishing information.

Quick Reference Card

Fictions and Artifices
Collected Fictions
A Universal History of Infamy
The Aleph
El Hacedor (Dreamtigers)
Personal Anthology
Doctor Brodie’s Report
The Book of Sand
The Library of Babel (Illustrated)
Everything and Nothing

Selected Non-Fictions
Historia de la eternidad
Other Inquisitions
Seven Nights
This Craft of Verse

Selected Poems
Fervor de Buenos Aires
Luna de enfrente
Cuaderno San Martín
El Hacedor
El Otro, el mismo
Para las seis cuerdas
Elogio de la sombra
El oro de los tigres
La rosa profunda
La moneda de hierro
Historia de la noche
La cifra
Los conjurados
Selected Poems, 1923-1967
The Gold of the Tigers, Selected Later Poems: A Bilingual Edition

Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi
Chronicles of Bustos Domecq
The Book of Imaginary Beings
Extraordinary Tales
An Introduction To American Literature
New Chronicles of Bustos Domecq

Interviews and Conevrsations
Borges on Writing
Jorge Luis Borges: Conversations
Borges at Eighty
Twenty Four Conversations with Borges: Interviews by Roberto Alifano, 1981-1983
With Borges on an Ordinary Evening in Buenos Aires: A Memoir

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