Hot Lunch USA


May 2004:
Hot Lunch, USA
Andrew F. Duncan on Lovecraft and cinema.

May 2004:
So I Went to London
Amy Rosenberg compares the real London to her literary ideal.

June 2004:
Speak to us of Emailia!
Allen B. Ruch on the Bloomsday centennial.

July 2004:
New Orleans, with Scarf
Amy Rosenberg on the literary Big Easy.

October 2004:
the wonder of words
The poet Suzanne Nixon discusses imagination lost and found.

August 2005:
In defense of Joyce and Pynchon: a response to Dale Peck’s Hatchet Jobs
Erik Ketzan responds to Peck’s critique that Joyce and Pynchon are largely to blame for the currently bleak state of literary fiction.

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This index page also contains Hot Lunch USA and Unreal Cities, two columns which had a sadly limited run.

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