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An Umberto Eco Bookstore claims to be the largest bookstore in the world; and indeed browsing their awesome inventory lends support to this claim. As an Associate, I have provided this page to serve as a mirror of their catalog for Eco and Eco-related titles. Clicking on a book will take you out of the Libyrinth and to, where you may read a brief description of that work -- there is no obligation to buy. You may either return to Porta Ludovica or shop around at If you purchase a book, it will be shipped to your home usually within a week, unless it's a special order -- those usually take longer.
Sometimes you may be after an out-of-print or a secondhand work. Though usually does their best to procure these, you may also want to try Bibliofind or eBay. I placed special links to these Web sites after the "New and Forthcoming Titles" below.

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New Titles

Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages
By Umberto Eco, Hugh Bredin (Translator)
Paperback / List Price: $12.95; Our Price: $10.36
You Save: $2.59 (20%)

Sulla Letteratura
By Umberto Eco
Hardcover / Bompiani; Limited Availability

Umberto Eco and Football (Postmodern Encounters)
By Peter Pericles Trifonas
Paperback / Our Price: $7.95
From the Publisher: Umberto Eco is popularly known for his best-selling novel, The Name of the Rose. This was a quintessential postmodernist fiction devised by an Italian professor of semiotics, an academic versed in medieval philosophy and linguistics but equally at ease with writing mass media journalism. Eco, football fan and Sherlock Holmes of semiotics, blurs the boundaries between ‘low’ and ‘high’ cultures.
Eco is a public intellectual engaged in reading the practices of everyday life. Football for him is a metaphor, a motif and a vehicle for interpreting the nuances and excesses of our human fascination with ideals -- ideals that are mobilised by culture into obsessions with sports celebrities. Football is more than a game -- it is a sign system that codes experience and gives it meaning on a number of levels. It allows the spectator to read life with the help of the media apparatuses that direct and control our viewing experiences.
Umberto Eco and Football engages with Eco the cultural critic as he meanders through the signs of culture with a keen and witty eye for the forgotten details of life’s great text, its serendipities, its misreadings.

Five Moral Pieces
By Umberto Eco
Hardcover / Harcourt Brace 2001

Conversations About the End of Time
Stephen Jay Gould, et al / Paperback / Published 2001
Our Price: $11.20~ You Save: $2.80 (20%)
From Booklist:
"As New Year's Eve 2000 came and went with appropriate fanfare, but with possibilities of Y2K disaster looming over the celebrations, there could be no doubt of humanity's utter fascination with the doomsayers and prophets predicting the end of time. Where does our fascination come from? How do non-Western cultures (for whom the year 2000 occurred several millennia ago) view time? These and other questions are answered by four scholars and cultural critics: Stephen Jay Gould, best-selling Harvard paleontologist; Umberto Eco, Italian novelist and professor of semiotics; Jean Delumeau, French historian; and Jean-Claude Carriere, playwright and critic. Each scholar is given a chapter. The format of question-and-answer is not too distracting and makes for a relatively comprehensible and quick read. Although there are some slightly awkward translations of idiomatic expressions, the insights that these well-rounded scholars provide are thought-provoking and revelatory. Despite originally being published in French two years ago, this look at popular millennialism and apocalypticism still appeals today."

Belief or Non-Belief
Umberto Eco, et al / Paperback / Publish date: April 2001
Our Price: $8.95 ~ You Save: $1.00

VHS Cassette
Starring Jeremy Irons and Michael Gambon
Our Price: $52.95

Starring Jeremy Irons and Michael Gambon
Our Price: $33.96
A&E's movie, Longitude, is loosely based on Dava Sobel's book, and details the quest for measuring longitude accurately -- a matter central to Eco's novel The Island of the Day Before, which was also mentioned in the film's bibliography. The film also includes a fanciful episode involving wounded dogs and the Powder of Sympathy, a familiar scene from readers of Island!

Forthcoming Titles

By Umberto Eco (Hardcover - October 2002)
List Price: $39.99; Our Price: $27.99
You Save: $12.00 (30%)
From Booklist: The challenges and joys of this Italian professor's internationally best-selling The Name of the Rose (1983) indicated that literary and popular are not necessarily mutually exclusive terms. Eco's latest novel continues to support the concept. In keeping with his customary practice, Eco sets his story in the past -- in this case, twelfth-century Europe and the Near East. A man named Baudolino, of northern Italian peasant stock, finds himself in Constantinople as the Crusaders are sacking the Byzantine capital. He tells his life story to a court official whose life he has saved, and what a story it is. As a youngster, he was adopted by the great Holy Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Baudolino not only received his University of Paris education at the emperor's behest but also learned the geographical, cultural, and political dimensions of a much wider world than he could have ever known on his own as he accompanied Frederick on the emperor's exploits in maintaining the security of his realm. But for years Baudolino's dream was to travel east to visit the mythological domain of Prester John, a legendary priest and king. Eco's novel is dreamlike itself. He weaves with deeply colored threads a fantastical narrative that beautifully mixes the elements of an adventure story with intellectual discussions of theology, government, language, geography, and politics. The most provocative aspect of the tale, however, is the overarching question it poses about truth versus imagination in the act of recording history. This is historical fiction at its best: smart, enrapturing, and authentic. (Brad Hooper)

By Umberto Eco (Unabridged Audio Cassette - October 2002)
List Price: $39.99; Our Price: $27.99
You Save: $12.00 (30%)

Five Moral Pieces
By Umberto Eco (Paperback - October 2002)
List Price: $12.00; Our Price: $9.60
You Save: $2.40 (20%)


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