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Eco Internet Communities
The following are Eco related lists, clubs, & nerwsgroups available to users of the Internet.


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Moderated & Founded by Allen B. Ruch

There is a new Eco List on the Web, started recently here at Porta Ludovica. Just follow the first link to see the Specula homepage, where you will find instructions on subscribing.

The Umberto Eco Page Exchange (Old and New)

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AFounded by Martin Messer

An open bulletin board founded in 1996 by Martin Messer, "This exchange is for visitors to share their thoughts and ideas with other Eco scholars. This may well be where new connections are made and unrelated references meet. Add your intuition to the cauldron."

Live Journal for an Eco Community

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Maintained by Mary Leinart

According to their welcome page: "If you have anything to say about Professor Eco, or any of his books, or just want to chat with fellow fans who will understand your ravings, you have come to the right place, my friend!"


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Moderated & Founded by Allen B. Ruch

Created and maintained by The Modern Word, this list is open to all enthusiasts of experimental twentieth century literature. Eco is frequently discussed.

--A. Ruch
5 August 2002

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