Treasure of the Temple

Phish covering They Might be Giants; X collide with XTC; The Mighty Mighty Bosstones in a bar brawl with Camper Van Beethoven; these are only vague pointers towards a description of PopCanon's sound. An unsigned and now defunct band hailing from Gainesville Florida, PopCanon carved a niche all their own, with offbeat elements of jazz, ska, klezmer and country spicing an already tasty brew of muscular pop rhythms, bizarre time signatures, and clever college-radio hooks. Eclecticism seems to be their watchword, and their lyrics reflect this as well, covering a wide range of unusual subjects that include semantics, astral projection, sexual positions, and postmodern literature. Indeed, their first CD, The Kingdom of Idiot Rock, contains songs built around the likes of Borges, Pynchon, Derrida, Coover, Joyce, and . . . Eco.

Treasure of the Temple
Emerging from a sustained squall of feedback, this song was inspired by Umberto Eco's great conspiracy novel, Foucault's Pendulum. A wonderful gem of eclectic pop music, it hops along on a stuttering beat punctuated by PopCanon's trademark horns and buoyed by Lórien Carsey's slippery violin. The lyrics are delivered with a bemused sense of defiance, pausing three-quarters of the way into the song as the music slides into a largely acoustic but oddly menacing bridge, and finally returning with a cheerfully delivered "Kiss my ass!" The chorus looks simple on paper, but it winds its way into the ear with an infectious and serpentine rhythm that adds a delicious darkness to the song. After too short a time, the piece ends with a few bars of sinister dual guitar-work that evokes the interlocking riffs of Discipline-era King Crimson. Quite nice! You should get this album while there are still copies available!.


"Treasure of the Temple"

I'm not capable of justifying all the ghosts you see
Or deciphering your symbols, codes and numerologies.

It seems your secret was the treasure of the temple
You're so (derivative.)

All your spirits flying, multiplying by the number three.
All your rituals of ancient fucked up pantheologies.

It seems your secret was the treasure of the temple
You're so (derivative.)

Kiss my ass you might unleash the demon hiding in my spine.
Leave a trail of prayers or I'll never know what happened to your mind.

It seems your secret was the treasure of the temple
You're so (derivative.)

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5 August 2002