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"This is the great invention of our time."

Gabriel Garcia Márquez and Cinema
García Márquez has worked closely with cinema all his life -- he has translated and written subtitles, created screenplays, and even documented the work of filmmakers themselves. It is only natural that some of his works would be cast into cinematic form.
Natural, yes . . . and naturally most of them have been done in Spanish! I, unfortunately do not speak Spanish, and in the US, it is sometimes difficult finding some of these films; therefore this section is a "work in progress," and Macondo would appreciate any submissions or comments on any of these works. I would like to thank all the kind people out there who sent in this information, especially Alain Azzam, Pier P. Bove, T. Burel, Juan G. Lopez, Mike McVey, Raffa Predieri, & Pei Han Wang.

Cinema -- Films based on Gabo's literary works.

Screenplays -- Films with Gabo as a writer or co-writer.

TV -- Television programs written by Gabo or based on his fiction.

Documentaries -- Films about Gabo himself.

--Allen B. Ruch
2 June 2003

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