Moxy Früvous

Moxy Früvous
A Canadian pop group, Moxy Früvous combine clever lyrics and themes, a playful sense of musicianship, a loyal fan base, and an aggressive touring schedule to form something of a cult phenomenon. According to their official band bio, they are "Always innovative, easy-going, and highly responsive to their audiences, they indulge themselves in banter and quipping on stage, break out into impromptu and improvisational songs, freely switch among the several instruments (many unconventional) that each plays, and establish a rapport with their audiences."

García Márquez-Related Works

My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors -- From the 1994 album, Bargainville, this song name drops our favorite Colombian writer.

I Will Hold On -- From the 1999 album, Thornhill, this song is inspired by Love in the Time of Cholera.

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Moxy Früvous Homepage -- A very large and comprehensive site maintained by Chris O'Malley, with help from the band itself.

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