Modern Word Interviews

Smith, Zak
November 2006
Erik Ketzan talks to Zak Smith, artist of Gravity’s Rainbow Illustrated: One Picture for Every Page.

Brock, Geoffrey
May 2005
Erik Ketzan talks to Umberto Eco’s new translator.

Caputo, John
May 2005
Emmet Cole interviews philosopher of religion John D. Caputo on Heidegger.

Hussey, Derrick
December 2004
Allen Ruch and Gabriel Mesa discuss the world of Lovecraftian publishing with Derrick Hussey, founder of Hippocampus Press.

Knipfel, Jim
May 2003
Laurence Daw interviews New York writer Jim Knipfel on the publication of The Buzzing.

Krukowski, Damon
June 2004
Erik Ketzan and Allen Ruch interview Damon Krukowski, founder of Exact Change press and former drummer of Galaxie 500.

Kuspit, Donald
May 2004
Emmet Cole discusses “postart” with British art critic Donald Kuspit, author of The End of Art.

Mills, Brenda
August 2004
Allen Ruch discusses experimental fiction with Brenda Mills, managing editor of FC2 press.

Noon, Jeff
September 2002
Ismo Santala interviews British writer Jeff Noon after the publication of Falling Out of Cars.

Rollins, Henry
November 2005
Neddal Ayad discusses reading, writing, publishing and decapitated heads with Henry Rollins, punk legend and founder of 2.13.61 Publications.

Swanwick, Michael
September 2003
Ismo Santala interviews the versatile SF/fantasy writer Michael Swanwick.

Villarrubia, José
August 2004.
Ismo Santala talks to digital artist José Villarrubbia about comics, technique, and his collaborations with Alan Moore.

Modern Word Related Interviews

Conley, Tim
The Danforth Review, October 2003
Michael Bryson interviews author, Joycean scholar, and Modern Word editor Timothy Conley.

Ruch, Allen
Infinity Plus, 25 August 2001
Jeff VanderMeer discusses The Modern Word with its founder, Allen B. Ruch.