Loosen your talktapes
Loosen your talktapes
The Spoken Word: Joyce on Tape
The following pages collect various books-on-tape and Joycean recordings. If anyone knows of any Joycean audio that has not been included, please send email.

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Joyce Reading – Recordings of Joyce reading in his own voice. This section also includes poetry and collections.

DublinersJoyce’s great collection of stories.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManJoyce’s first novel.

Ulysses – Readings and productions of Joyce’s masterpiece.

Finnegans Wake – It’s even better when spoken aloud...!

Miscellaneous – Biographies, lectures, and essays about Joyce and his work.

The sissymusses and the zossymusses in their robenhauses quailed to hear his tardeynois at all – Send email to the Great Quail. Comments, suggestions, corrections, criticisms, submissions – all are welcome!

–Allen B. Ruch
9 March 2005