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Links to Academic Papers and Essays about Joyce
These links are all to various papers, essays, and articles written about Joyce and his work and placed online for general perusal. Most of these links will take you to another site, but a few of them are online here at the Brazen Head. They are organized in five groupings: General Joyce Papers, Dubliners, Portrait, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake. Some of these works are student papers, some are academic dissertations, and some are the works of independent scholars.
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General Joyce Papers
Poetry & Drama
Finnegans Wake
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General Joyce Papers

From Stephen Hero to “After the Race”: A Blending of Narrative and Character
Adams, Sam
Collected on Professor Robert Sullivan’s homepage, this short student paper traces narrative development in early Joyce.

Joyce’s Hero Mythicized: Charles Stewart Parnell
Arndt, Melanie
Residing here at the Brazen Head, this paper outlines the life of Parnell and discusses his impact in Joyce’s fiction.

Postmodern Joyce: Chance, Coincidence, and the Reader
Attridge, Derek
Based on a talk given to the MLA in 1990. Attridge discusses the meanings generated by Joyce when a reader brings an element of chance and coincidence to the work. The paper now resides here; though a revised version may be found in Attridge’s book Joyce Effects.

French Feminists and Anglo-Irish Modernists: Cixous, Kristeva, Beckett and Joyce
Birkett, Jennifer
A look at the work of Beckett and Joyce through the lens of French feminism. This paper resides here, at The Brazen Head.

Joyce’s Bad Words
Conley, Tim
A frank discussion of Joycean swearing, its evolution, and the meaning behind Mr. Joyce’s “Ibscenest” language. This paper resides here, at The Brazen Head.

Pulp Fiction: Or, Proust and Joyce’s Rhetorical Flourishes
Coyle, John
Online at “Work in Progress,” this paper discusses two giants of modern literature.

“A Would-Be-Dirty Mind”: D.H. Lawrence as an Enemy of Joyce
Delany, Paul
This paper resides at the Simon Fraser University in Canada and details the reactions of D. H. Lawrence to Joyce’s work.

Musical Joyce
Harvey, Philip
Residing here at the Brazen Head, this wonderful paper explores Joyce and his works from a musical perspective.

Shadowing Trinity’s Surly Front: Joyce, Derrida, and M’Intosh
Isenhart, Justin
Placed online by the author, this intriguing paper is laid out as a Web page.

Perceptions of Joyce
Kelleher, John V.
From the March 1958 Atlantic Monthly, Harvard Professor John V. Kelleher discusses Joyce.

James Joyce and Avant-Garde Music
Klein, Scott W.
An excellent discussion of Joycean influences on Cage, Boulez, Berio, and others. Online at Ireland’s Contemporary Music Centre.

Joyce’s Sources: Les Grands Fleuves Historiques
Landuyt, Ingebord & Geert Leernout
From Joyce Studies Annual 6, this paper discusses “the books at the Wake,” and beyond.

James Joyce
Levin, Harry
From the December 1946 Atlantic Monthly, this is a touching tribute to Joyce and his influence.

Reading James Joyce
Mahaffey, Vicki
A discussion of the demands that Joyce places upon his “ideal” readership. Online at CONTEXT.

Jocoserious Joyce
Oates, Joyce Carol
This paper resides at ICO, and was original puplished in the Summer 1976 issue of “Critical Inquiry.” The page is quite lovely in design, and the essay is a delightful read.

Searching for Cyberspace: Joyce, Borges and Pynchon
O’Dwyer, Davin
An examination of how the Internet is anticipated or prefigured in the works of James Joyce, J. L. Borges, and Thomas Pynchon. Online here at The Modern Word.

Beckett and the Politics of Nothing: Spectacle / Panopticism / Ocularcentrism
Rocco, John
While this thoughtful paper focuses primarily on Beckett, Joyce is discussed extensively.

Beyond the Oral/literacy Dichotomy: James Joyce and the Pre-history of Cyberspace
Theall, Donald
This paper resides on the HJS site. It was originally published in “Postmodern Culture v.2 n.3” May 1992.

In the Brothel of Modernism: Picasso and Joyce
Scholes, Robert
This paper is located on Scholes’ homepage at Brown University. A very interesting paper, it is illustrated throughout with images.

New! Seeing Cezanne Through Joyce’s Eyes: The Large Bathers
Shammas, James T.
A comparison of Cezanne’s working methods with the aesthetic ideals of James Joyce. (PDF)

Joyce and the Khazars
Weiss, Stephen
This paper resides on the Brazen Head, and explores the relationship between Bloom’s origin and the Khazars. It is an excerpt from a longer paper which was presented by the author to the International Congress on Asian and North African Studies, which was held in Budapest over July 1997.

Poetry & Drama

Light on Joyce’s Exiles?
Adams, Robert M.
A recent discovery of unused dialogue fragments prompts some reflections on the history of Exiles.


“The Dead” Lecture
Cadbury, Bill
Some words on Joyce’s story from Finnegans Wake scholar Bill Cadbury.

Representation, Frustration, and Inadequacy: The State of the Signifier in Joyce’s Dubliners
Coonley, Ben
Collected on Professor Robert Sullivan’s homepage, this is a semiotic look at the emotional states of Dubliners.

Dubliners: An Introduction
Gray, Wallace
Based form the author’s “World Wide Dubliners” page, this serves as a very good introdution to Joyce’s collection of stories.

An Annotated Bibliography of “Araby”
Hill, Leah Ann
Residing on the author’s homepage, this excellent paper details the history of “Araby” and its criticism.

Imperial Pathologies: Medical Discourse and Drink in Dubliners’ “Grace”
Kane, Jean
This paper resides at John Hopkin’s “Literature and Medicine” site, and original appeared in Literature and Medicine 14.2 (1995) 191-209.

Triangular Structure in James Joyce’s Dubliners.
Kramer, Susan
Collected on Professor Robert Sullivan’s homepage, this student paper is “a reading of Dubliners as it reflects the central psychological triangle formed by desire, repression, and aggression.”

Crisis of Meaning and Representation
Leshko, Adriana
Collected on Professor Robert Sullivan’s homepage, this student paper explores Dubliners as an “open work.”

Music and Language in Joyce’s “THE DEAD”
Mosley, David L.
This paper resides at Goshen College.

New! Profound Silence: The Irish Language in the First Stories of Dubliners
Palmer, Alex
A discussion of Joyce’s use of the Irish idiom. (PDF)

“The Sisters” and the Case of the Broken Chalice
Steinberg, Faith
This paper explores “The Sisters” in light of a question asked by Adeline Glasheen: “What about Father Flynn...who was up to something funny with a chalice and a little boy?” Online here at The Modern Word.

Joyce’s Dubliners as Epiphanies
Valente, Francesca
This paper used to live on the Marshal McLuhan Studies site; but after it vanished I reinstituted it on the Brazen Head.

An Analysis of the Use of Musical Allusions in James Joyce’s Dubliners
Warren, Lindsey
An extended essay on Joyce’s use of lyric and song in Dubliners. Online here at The Modern Word.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The Dedalus Factor: Einstein’s Science and Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist
Clark, Rev. Timothy D.
This paper resides on the Brazen Head, and explores the relationship between Relativity and Joycean narrative.

The Tool of the Martyr
Hofbauer, Randy
Hofbauer, a student of theology, attempts to understand the theological value in Joyce’s use of describing secular epiphany with sacred dialect. Online here at The Modern Word.

James Joyce
Wells, H.G.
The H.G. Wells comments on Portrait in a March 3, 1917 review for the New Republic.


James Joyce’s Comic Messiah
Alter, Robert
From the June 1, 1997 American Scholar, this essay discusses Leopold Bloom. Online at

Ulysses or The Evolution and State of Artificial Intelligence
Brugger, Terry
This paper resides on the author’s homepage and discusses Joyce and AI theory.

Colligan, Mimi
Residing here at the Brazen Head, this paper discusses the influence of song and opera in Ulysses.

A Hypermedia Edition of the “Sirens” Episode
Crook, Laura M.
This paper takes the form of a Web site developed as a thesis project. It discusses and explicates the “Sirens” episode of Ulysses, and contains plenty of song samples. It is located on the author’s home page.

Bloom Bewitched: Fear of Female Sexuality in “Circe”
Fitch, Lynnette Elizabeth
Through an anaylsis of Joyce’s use of “witches,” this thesis attempts to illustrate an inherent misogyny in the Joycean ouevre. It is online at the author’s homepage.

Ulysses: A Case Study in the Problems of Hypertextualization of Complex Documents
Gold, David
This very attractive and informative paper exists as a web page on the ejournal site. Check out the nifty graphic! (Heh.)

Saintsbury’s Anglo-Saxon in Joyce’s “Oxen of the Sun”
Gooch, Michael
Located on the Journal of Modern Literature site, this essay discusses Joyce’s use of Anglo-Saxon in Ulysses.

Excuse Bad Writing: The Letters of Milly Bloom and Martha Clifford in Ulysses.
Hill, Leah Ann
Residing on the author’s homepage, this paper explores the parallels between Bloom’s paramour and his daughter.

His Cheeks Were Aflame: Masturbation, Sexual Frustration and Artistic Failure in Joyce’s Portrait of Stephen Dedalus.
Hill, Sylvie
Residing here at the Brazen Head, this paper explores the intersection of Stephen’s sexuality, specifically his masturbation, with his art. It attempts to prove that while sexual frustration was once conducive to his artistic production, it no longer motivates or inspires good writing by Ulysses.

Pierre Menard, Author of Ulysses
Klein, Scott W.
Is Ulysses dated? Presented at the 17th Joyce Symposium, this paper argues for a Borgesian revaluation of Ulysses as a Modernist work. It resides here at the Brazen Head.

Haveth Versions Everywhere
Klyn, Daniel
This excellent paper has been recast as an image-filled Web page, and details the unique publishing history of Ulysses. It is maintained by the author.

Four Loves, No Loves: The Four Greek Loves in Ulysses
Lockett, Joseph
Based from the author’s homepage, this paper discusses the use of agape, storge, philia and eros in Ulysses.

Joyce Lost in Opryland
Mathewes, Jeff
This paper compares the structural and aesthetic affinities between the “Wandering Rocks” episode of Ulysses and Robert Altman’s 1975 film Nashville. Online here at The Modern Word.

Ulysses in Chinese
Murphy, Cait
This paper resides at the Atlantic Monthly’s Website, and first appeared in the September 1995 issue. It give an often humorous account of an attempt to translate Ulysses into Chinese.

The Eyes/I’s Have It: Joyce’s Use of Parody in “Cyclops”
Nunes, Mark
This paper resides at DeKalb College. It was originally presented at the XIV International James Joyce Symposium on June 13, 1994.

IN SCRIPTIONS: The Bloomsday Book
McLaren, Stephen
This paper resides on Charles Cave’s Joyce Site. It originally appeared in the quarterly literary magazine “Tirra Lirra” (Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 1995) and was the winner of the 1995 Bloomsday Essay competition sponsored by the W.B. Yeats Society and Tirra Lirra. (Info supplied by Charles Cave)

Ulysses, Chaos, and Complexity
Rice, Thomas
This paper resides at HJS, and was written by Tom Rice of the University of South Carolina. It discusses modern mathematics, science, and Joyce.

Make it Old: Lucian’s A True Story, Joyce’s Ulysses, and Homeric Patterns in Ancient Fiction
Richardson, Brian
From Comparative Literature Studies 37.4, this paper looks at the presence of Homer in Ulysses and other texts.

New! Joyce’s Ulysses, A Schopenhauerian and Freudian Reading
Rowntree, Stephen
The objective of this thesis is to look at Ulysses from the perspective of Schopenhauer and Freud. (PDF)

The Anxious Narrator of “Oxen of the Sun”
Schawber, Paul
Pychoanalyst Paul Schwaber examines how the phenomenon of birth affects the narrator of “Oxen of the Sun.” Presented at the 17th International Joyce Symposium, this paper resides here at the Brazen Head.

The Cybernetic Plot of Ulysses
Stonehill, Brian
This paper resides at DeKalb College. It is the copy of a paper delivered at the California Joyce Conference on June 30, 1993.

Finnegans Wake

A Preliminary Stratigraphy of “Scribbledehobble”
Barger, Jorn
This paper resides at DeKalb College. It is about Joyce’s notes for Finnegans Wake.

Storymath for FW: Email about James Joyce and symbolic AI
Barger, Jorn
This paper resides at DeKalb College. It is a summary of some of Barger’s postings to the FWAKE list.

Tellmetale of Sterne or Swift: Shem as Marginalized Sentimenal Traveler in Finnegans Wake I.vii
Connor, Francis X.
This paper resides at George Mason University, and looks at the presence of Joyce’s Irish literary forebearers in FW.

The Classics at the Wake
Dillon, John
This paper is online at the University College Dublin site, and discusses the classical influece on Finnegans Wake.

The Joyce of Science: Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory in Finnegans Wake
Duszenko, Andrzej
Originally appearing as a pair of papers from the Irish University Review and James Joyce Quarterly v. 32, this resides on the author’s marvelous homepage. It discusses Joyce’s understanding of modern physics as evidenced in FW.

With an Ancient Greek Gloss on It
Godfrey, Michael
This paper discusses the use of Greek mythology, language, and themes in FW. It used to reside on the author’s homepage, but I placed it online here after that vanished.

Finnegans Wake – the Purest Blarney You Never Heard
Marsh, Roger
From the Independent, this essay discusses the benefits of hearing FW spoken aloud. Marsh is a composer and the producer of the Naxos FW.

The Picture and the Letter: Male and Female Creativity in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake
Miller, William
This doctoral thesis, located on the author’s homepage, is formatted in HTML complete with images and hyperlinks.

A Word in Your Ear
Rosenbloom, Eric.
A lengthy essay on the whys and hows of reading Finnegans Wake. It resides on the author’s FW site as a downloadable PDF.

Witches Brew
Rosenbloom, Eric.
An explication of FW pages 21-23, in which Rosenbloom examines the elements of brewing porter. It resides on the author’s FW site as a downloadable PDF.

Shuttered Widowt On Eveline’s Noes Arc
Riverend Sterling
FW-Lister Riverend Sterling makes a case that Joyce revists Dubliners’ “Eveline” in the “Lion” episode of FW.

THE HIEROGLYPHS OF ENGINED EGYPSIANS: Machines, Media and Modes of Communication in Finnegans Wake
Theall, Donald
I have placed this venerable paper online here after it vanished from Trent University. It was originally published in the 1991 Joyce Studies Annual.

In the Wake of Cyberspace
Tofts, Darren
This paper resides on Charles Cave’s Joyce Site. It was originally published in the “21 C Magazine” and then posted to the FW List. It discusses William Gibson’s concept of Cyberspace and its relation to Finnegans Wake.

“Where are we at all? and whenabouts in the name of space”
Tofts, Darren.
Tofts discusses Finnegans Wake, electronic media, and interactivity. This paper has been mirrored here at the Brazen Head.

The Mummeries of Resurrection: The Cycle of Osiris in Finnegans Wake
Troy, Mark L.
This doctoral dissertation discusses Joyce’s use of Osiris legends. It resides on Eric Rosenbloom’s FW site.

Understanding the (Net) Wake
Weiss, Dan B.
This paper, a dissertation in philosophy from Trinity, uses the triple lenses of Douglas Hofstadter, Umberto Eco and Marshall McLuhan to focus on the Wake as a network. In its rambling and humorous approach to the text, it absorbs everything from Buddhism to quantum physics, and contains some wonderfully insightful passages – highly recommended. It resides here at the Brazen Head.

Giordano Bruno’s Last Meal in Finnegans Wake
Wilder, Thornton
Originally published in the 1963 Hudson Review, this paper by playwright Thornton Wilder looks at the trial and execution of Giordano Bruno as it appears in Finnegans Wake.

Other Online Collections
There are a few other sites around the Internet that collect Joycean papers, many which focus on a special interest.

Hypermedia Joyce Studies – “Hypermedia Joyce Studies is a new refereed journal of criticism and scholarship on the works of James Joyce. HJS takes advantage of the unique opportunities the Web offers for hypertext writing and for articles that incorporate multimedia elements.”

The NYT Joyce Special Feature – This page collects all the reviews and articles about Joyce that have run in the New York Times. A highly recommended link!

The Journal of Modern Literature 22.2 – This amazing page holds every article – 17 of them! – from the Winter 1998/99 issue of the JML, which was devoted entirely to Joyce. Now a part of Muse, which requires a subscription.

IPL Collection – The Internet Public Library’s collection of Joyce Papers. – The banner below takes you to a collection of essays available for purchasing as study aids. Teachers are encouraged to review sites like this, which provide a worthy service for students not interested in simple plagiarism.

–Allen B. Ruch
3 September 2008

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