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Welcome to Exile Productions
James Joyce has only one surviving play, a drama about an artist and a love triangle called Exiles. Though it has been the subject of some recent critical re-appraisal, it is generally not considered his best work, and is often accused of being stilted, emotionally remote, and overly derivative of his literary hero, Henrik Ibsen. As such, it rarely gets performed.
Joyce's fiction, however, has been the subject of many various theatrical adaptations and musicals, from actual stagings of the Circe episode of Ulysses to a Broadway musical based on "The Dead." Additionally, there have been numerous performance pieces based on Joyce, his life, and his texts -- especially around that time of year known as Bloomsday, which seems to attract one-person shows based on highly individual interpretations of the Joycean oeuvre.
This new corner of The Brazen Head will begin a project devoted to documenting and reviewing such adaptations and performances. As there are quite many, I will start with some of the more recent, high-profile works, and fill in the section as the Bloomsdays progress. If you know of any interesting additions, please email me!


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Molly Bloom (2000)


(Planned for the Future)

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--Allen B. Ruch
29 May 2003