Distant Hills
For tenor, soprano, and chamber ensemble. (1989; 31 min.)
1. Sun's Heat (Tenor; 1998; 15 min)
2. Flower of the Mountain (Soprano; 1987; 16 min.)

Stephen Albert's Distant Hills: Flower of the Mountain & Sun's Heat
In 1987 Albert composed Flower of the Mountain, a work for lyric soprano and chamber ensemble and based on text from Molly's soliloquy in Ulysses. This was followed a year later by Sun's Heat, scored for tenor and also based on Ulysses. In 1989, the two pieces were connected into a thirty-minute suite called Distant Hills.
Flower of the Mountain is the better known of the two, and is often performed alone. It was recorded and released by Elektra/Nonesuch, but the CD has since been deleted. I am currently trying to obtain a copy, after which I will post more information.

More Albert

To Wake The Dead -- (1978) This is a cycle of six songs and one instrumental interlude, with lyrics pulled from the text of Finnegans Wake.

TreeStone -- (1982) Another song cycle form Finnegans Wake, based loosely on the Tristan and Iseult legend.

Symphony RiverRun -- (1983) A symphony in four movements, its overall musical theme taking Finnegans Wake as its source of inspiration.

--A. Ruch
14 December 2000
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