Soft Morning, City!
(1980; 24.00 min.) For soprano, double bass, and computer generated tape. Text arranged from Finnegans Wake.

Tod Machover's Soft Morning, City!
Commissioned by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, this work premiered on May 20, 1980 at St. John's Smith Square, London, with Jane Manning as the soprano. It was issued on LP by Composers Recordings Inc., and on CD by IRCAM, but unfortunately both recordings have been deleted.

CD Information

Soft Morning, City! was issued on an LP by Composers Recordings Inc.(CRI SD 506) with Jane Manning as soprano and Barry Guy on double bass. There was also a version (Perhaps the same?) on a CD called Les Annees 80s and available through IRCAM, but it is unfortunately out of print -- so if you see either recording, you should snatch it up quickly!

--A. Ruch
15 December 2000
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