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Someone must have been telling lies about you, because one fine morning, you wake up to find yourself in a new village, in a different country, and after remembering your unsettling dreams, you find yourself thinking of modest crow of a man with an enigmatic smile.
Welcome to the place that will help you sort out your little mess.
On your left is an endless hallway, on your right is an endless roadway, in front of you is a brick wall. Feel free to pick among the details as you please, everyone else does. But remember, “Das Schloss” means both the Castle and the Lock, and the keys are never quite as simple as they seem.

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New Modern Word forum! – Come discuss Kafka and our other featured writers at our new forum, The Fictional Woods.

12-foot Kafka – 4 Dec 03, IOL. Prague honors Kafka with a twelve-foot tall bronze sculpture.

“The Limited Circle is Pure” – 3 Nov 03, The New Republic. Author Zadie Smith on Franz Kafka and the novel.

The Great Conjurer – NYC, Oct 21 – Nov 4. A play loosely based on Kafka’s life.

If you know of a Kafka-related conference, symposium or seminar, please let us know!

Lambent Traces
Stanley Corngold’s new work is reviewed.
“A Little Fable”
An adaptation of Kafka’s short story by the comic book artist Vincent Stall.
The Metamorphosis
Peter Kuper’s illustrated version of Kafka’s classic.

No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was meant only for you
An introduction to Das Schloss and a few words about its gatekeepers.

The most fortunate and unfortunate of men
The life of Franz Kafka, 1883-1924.

My doubts stand in a circle around every word
(Works: Bibliography)
Commentary on Kafka’s works of fiction and nonfiction. (A work in progress.)

It does have a number of defects, ridiculous moments, dilettantish features, and deadly affectations
Reviews of works by and about Kafka.

A cage went in search of a bird
(Academic Criticism, Guides & Books about Kafka)
A list of Kafka criticism, biography, annotations, and guides, with some commentary on the major works.

Thus spake Schubal
Quotations and passages from Kafka’s work, letters, and conversations.

When he recites that it makes a huge impression, especially on the girls
(Kafka on Audio Tape)
Works of Kafka on CD or books-on-tape. (Under development.)

And already we are under the spell of the blindingly white, trembling screen in front of us
(Kafka on Film)
Cinematic productions of Kafka’s stories and documentaries about his life. (Under development.)

The actors by their presence always convince me to my horror that most of what I’ve written about them until now is false
(Theater and Performance)
Notable productions and adaptations of Kafka’s works. (Under development.)

Was he an animal, that music had such an effect upon him?
(Kafka in Music)
Kafka has inspired numerous modern composers, from XXX to Philip Glass. This section features and reviews their work. (Under development.)

How could a photograph convey with such complete certainty the secret feelings of the person shown in it?
A link to Daniel Hornek’s comprehensive gallery of Kafka images.

I do not mean that earlier generations were essentially better than ours, but only younger
Writers who have been influenced by Kafka. (Under development.)

Wisdom is thus not what men first of all seek. They seek, instead, the justification for what they happen to cherish
(Online Papers & Essays)
The largest collection of links to online papers and essays about Kafka and his work available on the Web.

Silence, I believe, avoids me, as water on the beach avoids stranded fish
Articles written about Kafka and his work.

The life of society moves in a circle. Only those burdened with a common affliction understand each other
(Kafka Online Communities: Reading Groups, Mailing Lists & Newsgroups)
Instructions for getting on Kafka-related Internet communities, some of which conduct group-readings of his work.

Leave me my books! I have nothing else
(Das Schloss Bookstore)
Welcome to the Castle’s bookstore! Here you will find links taking you to various Kafka-related works available across the Internet.

The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked
(Offsite Links)
A collection of links to Kafka organizations, Kafka Web sites, and electronic texts.

But questions that don’t answer themselves at the very moment of their asking are never answered
(FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions)
Do you have a question about Franz Kafka, this Web site, or the fellow who runs it? Try the FAQ file first.

These letters do nothing but cause anguish, and if they don’t cause any anguish it’s even worse
Have a question about Kafka or a comment about the site? Email Jeff Nowak and the Great Quail.

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