Kafka's 1915 passport photo

How could a photograph convey with such complete certainty the secret feelings of the person shown in it?

The following are images associated with Franz Kafka. They are mostly saved as “High” quality (80%) JPEGs. The Web uses images with a resoultion of 72 dpi, or dots per inch, saved as a GIF or JPEG, which is a compressed image and therefore inferior in quality. Printwork is generally 300 dpi resolution, which is much higher in quality, and is saved as superior grade TIF or EPS files. This is why printing images from a computer screen gives you poor results. All the images on this site are 72 dpi; including here; otherwise they would take too long to download. We advise using them only on your computer. If you want an image of Kafka for printwork, you should scan one in directly form the source – after obtaining the correct permissions, of course.

Franz Kafka

1884 – Franz Kafka, one year old.

1885 – Franz Kafka, two years old.

1888 – Kafka as a boy, with a lovely sheep in the background.

1893 – A ten-year old Franz with sisters Gabriele and Valerie.

The Student – Kafka during his Gymnasium years.

1901 – A portrait of the artist as a young man.

Kafka and dog, 1906 – Kafka in a natty bowler, with a dog.

1906 – Kafka after graduating from the University.

1910 – A very serious Dr. Franz Kafka.

1911 – An early passport photo.

Franz and Ottla, 1914 – Kafka and his favorite sister.

1915 – Kafka’s passport picture from 1915.

Kafka and Felice, 1917 – A portrait of Kafka with his on-and-off again fiancée, Felice Bauer.

1917 – Kafka with some interesting hair.

K. – A rather tall, dark and handsome Kafka.

1922 – Kafka on the street in Prague.

1924 – The last photo of Kafka, age 40.


Der Vater – Kafka’s father, Hermann Kafka.

Die Mutter – Kafka’s mother, Julie Löwry.

Der Freund – Kafka’s friend and literary savior, Max Brod.

Das Grab – Finally at rest.

Franz Kafka’s Doodles

Man at board
Man at desk
Man drinking
Two sitters

Other Image Galleries

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Leni’s Photo Album – Contains many pictures of Kafka’s numerous flames; complete with Leni’s cheerful annotations.

Franz Kafka Photo Album – Yacov Eckel’s site is exactly what it says.

Franz Kafka Honlap – A Hungarian site with some large-size Kafka images.

–Allen B. Ruch
& Jeff Nowak
21 December 2003

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