Franz Kafka

It does have a number of defects, ridiculous moments, dilettantish features, and deadly affectations

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Works by Kafka

Amerika (The Man Who Disappeared)

San Francisco Chronicle, 8 December 2002, by Andrew Ervin
A brief but positive review of Michael Hofman’s new translation.

Washington Post, 5 January 2003, by Michael Dirda
A balanced take on both the Hofman translation and the book itself.

Take the New York-to-Boston Bridge
New York Times, 26 January 2003, by Iain Bamforth
A very informative look at Kafka’s novel and Hofman’s translation by the author of Kafka’s Uncle.

The Trial

The Trial
Review of Contemporary Fiction, by Michael Pinker
A brief and favorable overview of the Breon Mitchell translation.

The Castle

The Guardian, 4 April 1930, by B.S.
This quick assessment of Kafka’s last novel wonders why the reader does not wish to get to the Castle as well as K. It also adds two more years to Kafka’s life.

The Castle
Review of Contemporary Fiction, by John Kulka
A lucid comparison between the Muir and Harman translations.

Franz Kafka's Quest for an Unavailable God
San Francisco Chronicle, 5 April 1998, by Roz Spafford
Spafford finds Harman’s translation, which emphasis multiple meanings, more appropriate for modern life.

Kafka: Translators on Trial
New York Review of Books, 14 May 1998, by J. M. Coetzee
Nobel-prize winning J.M. Coetzee on the Muir and Harman translation. By subscription only.

Works about Kafka

Nightmare of Reason (Ernst Pawel)

Missing Kafka
The Guardian, 2 August 1984, by Ronald Hayman
Hayman finds Pawel’s biography “dogmatic and unreliable.”

The City of K.: Franz Kafka and Prague
(Exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York)

Encircling Kafka?
Journal for Culture and Religious Theory, 3 August 2003, by Victor E. Taylor
An illustrated review of a Kafka exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York, August 11, 2002 to January 5, 2003.

Kafka’s Last Love (Kathy Diamant)

Dora’s Trials
The Guardian, 10 August 2003, by Ian Thomson
Thomson discusses the life of Dora Diamant more than the book itself, which he finds “or the most part beautifully told.”

–Allen B. Ruch
& Jeff Nowak
23 December 2003

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