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Kafka Works
In order to bring sense to such a large and varied oeuvre, we have grouped Kafka’s complete body of work into five sections, followed by a simple but comprehensive bibliography. It is our intention to fully feature each of Kafka’s major works, with commentary, notes, and helpful suggestions to the first-time reader. Please keep in mind that this section is a work-in-progress, and will be slowly fleshed out through January and February of 2004. Further reviews and information may also be found at Amazon.com by clicking the “Browse/Purchase” link.
For ease of use, a list of titles appears below, indicating where each work has been located in our grouping.

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Novels – Kafka’s three novels: Amerika, The Trial, and The Castle.

Novellas – Kafka’s two novellas: The Metamorphosis and In the Penal Colony.

Short Stories I – Short stories & fragments published during Kafka’s life. (Under development)

Short Stories II – Short stories & fragments published posthumously. (Under development)

Nonfiction – Diaries, letters, and journals.

Bibliography – A complete bibliography of Kafka's work. (Under development)

Quick Reference Card:

The Trial
The Castle

The Metamorphosis
In the Penal Colony

Short Stories I
The Judgment
The Country Doctor
A Hunger Artist

Short Stories II
Description of a Struggle
Wedding Preparations in the Country
The Urban World
A Perfect Fool
Temptation in the Village
Memoirs of the Kalda Railroad
The Village Schoolmaster
Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor
The Warden of the Tomb
The Hunter Gracchus
The Great Wall of China
Letter to his Father
The Refusal
Investigations of a Dog
The Burrow

Diaries 1910-1923
The Blue Octavio Notebooks

–Jeff Nowak
& Allen B. Ruch
26 June 2004

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