The arts of the quidnunc, spy and Taproom Wit

Zak Smith’s Illustrations for Each Page of Gravity’s Rainbow
A staggering 755 illustrations by New York based artist, Zak Smith, depicting the events and imagery of Pynchon’s magnum opus.

The Illustrated Complete Summary of Gravity’s Rainbow
Filled with copious Flash animations and original artwork, Dr Daw outlines and summaries Pynchon’s great novel.

An interview with Nikolaus Stingl
An interview with the German-language translator of Mason & Dixon, translated into the King’s English by The Modern Word.

Mason & Dixon: Three Pages a Day
Toby Levy of the Pynchon List spent nine months making a close reading of Mason & Dixon. The result is a 95-page document that examines the book page by page, offering plot summaries, definitions for arcane vocabulary words, useful Web links, and more.

Counting down to Against the Day
In the weeks prior to the publishing date of Against the Day, Erik Ketzan tracked a month of Pynchon updates and new features.

–Erik Ketzan,
Dr Larry Daw
& Allen B. Ruch
1 December 2006

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