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Pynchon in Film & TV

So far no films have been made of Pynchon's novels, which might not be such a bad thing. So in the absence of an epic Mason & Dixon miniseries or a David Cronenberg Gravity's Rainbow, this section will endeavor to collect Pynchon documentaries and shorts, films loosely inspired by Pynchon, or Pynchon references in movies and television programs.
Special Note: We here at Spermatikos Logos are greatly indebted to Richard Lane of the sadly defunct Pynchon Files for laying the groundwork of this section. In fact, much of the material has been liberally adapted from The Pynchon Files, including plot descriptions, screenshots, and commentary. Where appropriate, Mr. Lane has been given credit.

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Pynchon Shorts -- News segments about Pynchon or short films inspired by his writing, including CNN's "Where's Thomas Pynchon" and Kevin Soul's Descent.

Buckaroo Banzai (1984) -- This sci-fi cult classic has numerous Pynchonian connections.

Thomas Pynchon -- A Journey into the Mind of [P.] (2001) -- A German documentary about Pynchon, his life, and his following.

Pynchon References in Film -- Allusions to Pynchon and his works in films such as The Miracle Mile, Mr. Jealousy, and Storytelling.

Pynchon References on TV -- Allusions to Pynchon and his works on television, from "The John Larroquette Show" to "The Simpsons."

--Allen B. Ruch
19 December 2002
(Banner image uses screenshots from Kevin Souls' Descent)

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