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The ceilings of "The White Visitation" aren't the only erratic thing about the place, either. It is a classic "folly," all right. The buttery was designed as an Arabian harem in miniature, for reasons we can only guess at today, full of silks, fretworks, and peepholes. The rooms are triangular, spherical, walled up into mazes. Portraits, studies in genetic curiosity, gape and smirk at you from every vantage . . . from a distance no two observers, no matter how close they stand, see quite the same building in that orgy of self-expression. . . .

This section contains pictures of Thomas Pynchon and images inspired by his work. Of course, as Pynchon is a noted recluse and shuns having his photograph taken, most of the images are quite old and have been lifted from his 1953 high school yearbook, the Oysterette. Indeed, becuase Pynchon so values his privacy, Spermatikos Logos will not feature any recent pictures of him, including the notorious Mr. Bone's snapshot. The other images were created by the Great Quail and Larry Daw, and all have been saved as maximum quality JPEGs. We offer them to you as mindful pleasures, so enjoy. . . .

Photographs of Thomas Ruggles Pynchon

The Aspiring Physicist -- This is Pynchon's class picture from his high school yearbook, the Oysterette.

Whatever became of Mary Thompson? -- The photo taken for the "Best Student" section of the yearbook, honoring Pynchon as best male student of 1953.

"Pynch" -- This picture of Pynch was lifted from the yearbook staff photograph.

"Life and Times of Hamster High" -- Another one from the Oysterette, this one taken from the staff photo for The Purple and Gold, the school newspaper.

The Slow Learner -- A slightly older looking Pynchon.

After a Night Out with Pig Bodine -- Pynchon's infamous Navy photo.

From the Workshop of Dr Larry Daw

The Following images were created by Dr Larry Daw
(These images reflect Dr Daw's work prior to his aquisition of the Adobe Photoshop image-editing software and its various plug-ins. As such, they can only be considered as immature precursors to his more mature work.)

The Spermatikos Logos -- The full-sized version of the banner graphic for Spermatikos Logos, this glyph is rich in symbolism, and is fully explained in the introduction to the site. (This is a GIF)

And Tacit lies the gold once-knotted horn -- Drawn by Larry Daw, this knotwork pattern was inspired by The Crying of Lot 49.

Looking for Lot 49 -- This mandala represents another graphic meditation on The Crying of Lot 49, and was inspired by the Jazz Butcher's song, "Looking for Lot 49."

The Tree of Life and Fivefold Symmetries --This work represents the benign cosmic influence of the Sacred Numbes, those of the Planets, the Elements, the Elemental Weapons, the Sphinx, and the Rocket Mandala of Gravity's Rainbow.

Five Novels -- Another meditation of Five: an intriguing collage of as many Pynchons as he has novels.

From the Archives of the riverrun Discordian Society

The following images were created by the Great Quail using Adobe Photoshop and more filters than you can shake a garodki stick at. More will be added as I get the inspiration.

Das Wort -- "It's nothing he can see or lay hands on -- sudden gases, a violence upon the air and no trace afterward . . . a Word, spoken with no warning into your ear, and then silence forever. . . . promising him death with German and precise confidence. . . ."

Die Frau im Mond -- "Leni saw a dream of flight. One of the many possible. Real flight and dreams go together."

Hauptstufe ist gegeben -- "The Tower. It is a puzzling card, and everybody has a different story on it . . . We know by now that it is also the Rocket."

Die Rakete -- "Members of the Order of the Golden Dawn believe The Tower represents victory over splendor, and avenging force. As Goebbels, beyond all his professional verbalizing, believed in the Rocket as an avenger."

Three Images -- "Others see a Gnostic or Cathar symbol for the Church of Rome, and this is generalized to mean any System which cannot tolerate heresy: a system which, by its nature, must sooner or later fall."

The following images are higher-quality JPEGs of GIFs that may be found elsewhere on the pages of Spermatikos Logos.

Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, Jr. -- "He hangs at the bottom of his blood's avalanche, 300 years of western swamp-Yankees, and can't manage but some nervous truce with their Providence."

Why is your equation only for angels, Roger? -- "It's eminently fair . . . Everyone's equal. Same chances of getting hit. Equal in the eyes of the rocket."

Beyond the Zero -- "A screaming comes across the sky."

Mindless Pleasures -- "Remember that these are mostly brains ravaged by antisocial and mindless pleasures."

Offsite Images

A Screaming -- A black and white image based on the opening sentence to GR.

--A. Ruch
& Dr Larry Daw
14 September 2000

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At "The White Visitation" the walls read ice. Graffiti of ice the sunless day, glazing the darkening blood brick and terra cotta as if the house is to be preserved weatherless in some skin of clear museum plastic, an architectural document, an old-fashioned apparatus whose use is forgotten. Ice of varying thickness, wavy, blurred, a legend to be deciphered by the lords of winter, Glacists of the region, and argued over in their journals.