Mason & Dixon

Often causing future strangers to remember them as Dixon and Mason

Mason & Dixon
This page will serve as an area devoted Pynchon’s epic novel, Mason & Dixon. It contains Dr. Daw’s review, links to other M&D sites, and some other related items of possible interest. If you have anything to add, please mail it to us.

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Official Press Release – Courtesy of Henry Holt & Co.

Dr Larry Daw’s Review – Spermatikos Logos’ own Dr Larry Daw’s disppointed review of Mason & Dixon.

New! Mason & Dixon: Three Pages a Day – Toby Levy of the Pynchon List spent nine months making a close reading of Mason & Dixon. The result is a 95-page document that examines the book page by page, offering plot summaries, definitions for arcane vocabulary words, useful Web links, and more. A very impressive achievement, we are happy to offer Toby’s annotations as a PDF.

Offsite Resources

The Mason & Dixon page – Maintained by the indomitable Tim Ware at HyperArts, this excellent page is a growing Web guide organized like an online encyclopedia. It also holds a slew of amazingly useful resources! The definitive M&D Page.

Peter Schmidt’s Mason & Dixon Reading Notes – Broken down into 78 chapter summaries, Schmidt provides notes and plot synopsis.

New! Mason & Dixon Reader – Toby Levy’s “Mason & Dixon: Three Pages a Day” has been converted to an attractive WordPress blog. (This is the same document available above as a PDF.)

Mason & Dixon Reading Guide – The Holt Publishing company’s reading guide to Mason & Dixon.

A Conversation between David Ulin and Brian Stonehill – The LA Times interviews Pomona College’s Brian Stionehill on the realease of M&D. listing for Mason & Dixon – A convenient online source for purchasing the novel, this page also holds a host of reviews.


Mason & Dixon and the Enlightenment
Ketzan, Erik
Mechanical ducks, talking dogs, and prankster scientists: a discussion of Pynchon’s so-called “Age of Reason.”

Mason & Dixon: An Astrological Review
Lannark, Douglas Kløvedal
Astrological information about Mason & Dixon. Online at Otto Sell’s “Die sauberen Schweine.”

Counterfeiting America in Mason & Dixon
Lawrence, David W.
Lawrence reads Mason & Dixon as a “kind of unfounding document, a counterfeit history that is fabulistic in its rendering of pre-Revolutionary America.”

Ducking the Snovian Disjunction: The ’both/and’ logic of Mason & Dixon
Millard, Bill
A discussion of Pynchon, Luddism, and C.P. Snow. Online at Columbia University.

Fiction at a Bifurcation Point: from Newtonian Law to Postmodern Uncertainty in Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon
Perez-Llantada, Carmen Auria
This paper reads Mason & Dixon as a “a narrative which masterfully depicts a radical shift in the history of ideas: the collapse of the age of reason and Newtonian laws, followed by the birth of a new age ruled by the principles of chaos and indeterminacy.”

Line, Vortex, and Mound: On First Reading Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon
Schmidt, Peter
Some thoughts on Pynchon’s latest novel by a Swathmore literature professor.

Pynchon’s Legal Landscape: Justice in Mason & Dixon
Siegel, Mark
Siegel’s paper looks at lawyers as “agents of economic and historical forces, which themselves are subject to the physical laws of the universe,” and discusses Pynchon’s characterizations of law in Mason & Dixon.


Weird Morning America
McLemee, Scott
From the April 25, 1997, this positive review is accompanied by some wonderful graphics!

Pynchon Draws the Line
Skenazy, Paul
From the April 27, 1997 San Francisco Chronicle, this mixed review is from the provost of Kresge College at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Pynchon Hits the Road With Mason and Dixon
Kakutani, Michiko
From the April 29, 1997 New York Times, this review considers M&D an ambitious and poignant epic.

Telluric Texts, Implicate Spaces
Mattessich, Stefan
An insightful and positive analysis of the work from Professor Mattessich.

Surveyors of the Enlightenment
Moody, Rick
From the May 1997 Atlantic Monthly, this positive review also discusses Pynchon and his techniques.

Roman à Cleft
Keough, Peter
From the May 1997 Boston Phoenix, this review is by their film editor.

Dog’s Dinner of a Book
Skea, Anne
From the May 1997 Eclectica, Skea finds it a glorious mess.

Z. Pynchon’s Tiresome Mind Games
Kirn, Walter
From the May 6, 1997 edition of Slate, this is a negative but very attractively laid-out review.

The Great Divide
Boyle, T. Coraghessan
From the May 18, 1997 New York Times, this is a very positive review.

Menand, Loius
From the June 12, 1997 New York Review of Books, a very detailed review of an “astonishing and wonderful” book.

Author Pynchon Returns
Reid, James
From the June 13, 1997 Penn State Daily Collegian (a paper your humble quailish narrator one wrote for!), this review finds the novel good, but lacking in urgency.

Pynchon’s Line Dance
Brazell, Bill
From the June 26, 1997 Metro. Compares Pynchon to the Bard, and provides a few links.

Cryptic Messages
de Pastino, Blake
From the July 27, 1997 Alibi. Enjoys the themes, but finds the prose style too thorny.

Great Expectations
Mr. Mxyzptlk
From the July 28, 1997 Suck. Needless to say, the review finds that the book, well, sucks.

Mason & Dixon
Siegel, Mark
From the August 1997 H-Net, Siegel (heh heh) calls this the “greatest of Pynchon’s works.”

Making the Rounds of History
Hinds, Elizabeth Jane Wall
From the 1998/99 Electronic Book Review (ebr8), this is a fairly sophisticated look at M&D.

Mason & Dixon
Daw, Larry
Spermatikos Logos’ own Dr Larry Daw’s disppointed review of Mason & Dixon.

Linear Pynchon
Pelovitz, David
From e-Zone, a positive and descriptive review, with some (largely out-of-date) links.

Mason & Dixon
Duyfhuizen, Bernard
Posted on the HyperArts Pynchon site, this review is by an editor of Pynchon Notes.

Mason & Dixon
LeClair, Tom
Tom LeClair of the Prodigious Prose project has placed his review online on their Pynchon Node.

All Lined Up: Pynchon Goes Long and Connects Again
Boyd, Greg
From Eye magazine, this short review is positive but fairly simple.

Mystery Train
Livingstone, David B.
A mixed review from Spike magazine.

A Review of Mason & Dixon
Alford, Steven E.
Professional book reviewer Steve Alford gives a mixed review to M&D.

Mason & Dixon
Unruh, Wes
From Green Man Review. A short, positive review from the “roots and branches of arts and culture.”


Mason & Dixon
Thomas Pynchon / Hardcover / Published 1997
Our Price: $19.25

Mason & Dixon
Thomas Pynchon / Paperback / Published 1998
Our Price: $11.90

Pynchon and Mason & Dixon
Horvath, Brooke and Irving Malin (eds). Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2000.
Our Price: $39.50

Mason & Dixon & Pynchon
Clerc, Charles. Lanham: University Press of America, 2000.
Our Price: $26.50


Mapping the Line
(Primary and Secondary Sources)

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The Mason-Dixon Line – John Cletheroe’s extensive page on the M-D line. Mason-Dixon Line –’s page has images and links.

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–Allen B. Ruch
& Rob Jackson
(With help from Tim Ware and the Pynchon List)
8 December 2006

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