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Temporary Note

The Scriptorium

So, you wanna help out, eh?
The Scriptorium is one of the more interactive areas on the Libyrinth, and I gratefully accept reader input. If there is an author you feel should be listed here, or you want to add or update one of the featured ones, there are a few simple steps you can take.

A quick overview
1. Please email me with your suggestions. Explain why you feel your author is one that fits in with the Libyrinth theme, and kindly tell me a little about your experience with that writer's work. I will get back to you with my comments as soon as I can.

2. If I feel that the author sounds like a good candidate for the Libyrinth, I will ask you to write a "blurb" on her. This "blurb" will eventually take the shape of a single page on the Scriptorium. I will cast in into HTML and create the neat-o button link for the left frame; all you need to do is email me your work.

3. I reserve the rights to edit your page; but I will not place it online unless you are satisfied with the overall result. You will be given full credit, and if you wish, your name will be linked to your email address so your fans can send you insightful comments, passionate love letters, and outraged hate mail.

Sounds good. How about some specifics?
Hey, no problem. Let's say that you submit an author and I email you back saying that she sounds really great, go right ahead and write her up. There are a few guidelines that I ask you to follow:

1. Explain why she fits into the "Libyrinth" style of writer. Maybe you can write a little about her style and technique and how it reflects the overall theme around here. (The guiding metaphors of the Library and the Labyrinth.)

2. Provide a short bibliography of her major works. If you wish to write a small review of one or all of them, go right ahead, but please do not reveal any surprises, like "Hamlet dies." I hate when people do that, which is why I saw The Crying Game as soon as I could. . . .

3. Feel free to include any interesting information, facts, and insight that you may possess about the author and/or her works. And if you can provide a brief biographical note that would be nice as well.

4. If you know any good links to sites relating to the author or her work, submit those as well.

The final product
You may take as long as you need to write your piece, and remember that it will be limited to one page -- so it doesn't need to be too large. I will edit it and then invite you to make further changes or commentary. Once we have a piece that both of us are satified with, I will convert it to HTML and add it to the Scriptorium. You will be given full credit with the option of an email link. However, once it is added to the Scriptorium, I retain the right to keep it there even if you suddenly decide that you hate this author and want nothing more to do with her. I will remove your name at your request, but the page is property of the Libyrinth. I also retain the right to make any necessary alterations, and to remove it completely if needed.

What ../authors.html are needed?
I am personally planning to do a page for Lovecraft, Moorcock, Noon, and Morrison. The other names to your left have been frequently suggested to me by past readers and are currently are up for grabs. (So, yeah, the top fibs a little when it says they are "being planned.") I welcome any volunteers for those ../authors.html, and I welcome any new suggestions.


-- Allen Ruch
1 March 1999
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